The Team That Makes It Possible

Founding father: Mufti Faiyazur Rahim Rahimahullah

Muallimah Aisha Begum Rahim - Co-founder and Head of MD sector

Mushrifa Nazima Chowglay - Student and staff Supervisor

Muallimah J Salim Said: Quran, Hifz, and Tajweed Mentor

Muallimah F Rajap: Senior educator and secretary

Muallimah F Milanzi: Senior educator

Muallimah M Tayyab: Senior educator

Muallimah Z Seedat: Senior educator

Muallimah A Khalil: Educator and assistant admin

Muallimah K Vujura: Educator

Muallimah F Rahim - Acting principal, senior admin

Sister R Khan - Accountant

Moulana Muhammad Anas - AOS, H.O.D Public relations and funding

The organization is not affiliated with any other South African organization and is funded solely through donotions provided by the public.