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History of the organization

In 2004, a team of dedicated Ulama and educators from Newcastle headed by Mufti Faiyaz ur Rahim Rahimahullah put together a conserted effort in opening a Madrasah or young women. The Madrasah began in the home of Moulana Nazir Paruk, having 8 students and 2 teachers. The following year the demand for a class for students who did not know arabic at all, as well as hifz class promted the committee to shift thee Madrasa to 12 St Thomas street, where it continues to this day.

Although the Madrasah continued to function over the years, the onerous task required further dedication and in the year 2018, the institute was officially registered as a non-profit company and later issued the status of a Public Benefit Organization by SARS. This enabled the Madrasah to collect funds and pursue the vision of having an institute that provided multiple sources of education for women.

Since 2004, with the help of generous donors, the Madrasah has contributed over R6 million towards providing education to women.

Today, the Madrasah has a 3 year Basic Aalimah course, an Idaadiya course, a Quran and Tajweed course, an optional 4th year class, and aims to establish the first ever south African based females only online academy providing self-paced Islamic studies and skills training. The Madrasah also provides an opportunity for females wanting to pursue Hifzul Quran.


- Aalimah course online

- Self-paced online short courses

- Islamic Library for women

- Fully equipped creche and playschool for Muslim children

- Quran, Hifz, and Tajweed academy

- Skills training Centre

- Trauma counselling and legal advice

Syllabus Idadia

Idadia and New Muslimahs

Arabic reading and writing skills

Quran recitation

40 Ahadeeth memorization

Seerah of the final messenger SAW

Aqeedah (Details of Imaan-e-Mufassal)

Memorization of Surah Fatiha and 12 Surahs

Memorization of Masnoon duas for daily use

Fiqh (Ghusl, Wudhu, Salah, Fasting)

Syllabus 1st Year

Quran recitation

Tajweed in detail

Memorization of Surahs

Aqeedah of Islam P1

Arabic reading and writing

Arabic Course Book 1

Arabic grammar (Nahw)

Arabic morphology (Sarf)

Fiqh (Salah, Zakah, Fasting)

Memorization of Masnoon Duas

Memorization of 40 Ahadeeth

History of all the Ambiyaa

Qasasun Nabiyyen book 1

Syllabus 2nd Year

Quran & Tajweed

Memorization of Surahs

Translation of Juz 29 & 30

Aqeedah of Islam P2

Qiratu Raashida (Arabic reading)

Arabic course book 2

Arabic grammar (Nahw)

Arabic morphology (Sarf)

Fiqh in Arabic P1

Riyadus Saliheen P1

Men around the Messenger SAW

 Qasasun Nabiyyen book 2

Syllabus 3rd year

Quran & Tajweed

Memorization of Surahs

Tarjama of Baqarah & other Surahs

Aqeedatut Tahawiyyah

Mishkatul Masabih (Kitabun Nikah)

Suwar Min Hayatis Sahabah P1

Shamaailut Tirmidhi (English)

Fiqh in Arabic P2

Riyadus Saliheen P2

Qasasun Nabiyyen book 3

Islamic Upbringing of children

Sunnah Cooking

Skills development (various)

Syllabus (Other classes)

4th year:

Tarjama of entire Quran, Importance of Taqleed, Fiqh of 4 Mazaahib, Complete Mishkatul Masabih

Quran, Hifz, and Tajweed:

This depends entirely on the individual's capability and knowledge.

Skills training:

Public speaking & 6 points of Da'wah

Home economics & Cooking classes

Sewing classes (independant)

Computer skills

Arabic Calligraphy and other art classes

Skills training is accomodated according time availability and does not form part of the classroom syllabus. Students are obliged to participate in all skills training, and are awarded with participation certificates as well as prize-giving. 

We educate students based on the Mazhab they follow. Our doors are open to students from Hanafi, Shafi'ee, Maaliki, and Hanbali backgrounds.