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We believe your donations are an ‘Amanah’ (trust) and are therefore committed to ensuring we deliver your trust with sincerity and professionalism and we are also transparent and accountable in the way we do so. 

We also offer section 18a certificates on request. Donate via EFT or click here to donate online (card payments and Paypal accepted).


First National Bank

Account name: Madrasah Aisha Siddiqah Newcastle

Account number:

Zakat Account: 62770498618

Lillah Account: 62761 935215

Section 18a Acc: 62761935322

Branch code: 250063

Please specify your cell number or email (eg.: 061 486 5594 or as reference. Send proof of payment to or +27 78 962 5431.

Please allow up to 7 working days for your contribution to clear into our account. We will contact you via email to confirm receipt of your donation, as well as issue a donation certificate with your name.