Admission Requirements

Learners are eligible to apply for respective courses if the required conditions are met:

1. The learner is a female who has attained puberty.  2. The learner is able to read and write English. 3. The learner must possess valid documentation such as ID, Birth certificates, valid passport and visa where required. 4. The learner does not have a criminal record.

Please note that a full verification is conducted and untruthful or incorrect applications will be disqualified.

For Basic Aalimah:

Along with the above, she must also

1. Be able to read and write Arabic, 2. Recite Quran 3. Be able to understand English

For Hifz:

- She must be able to recite Quran with Tajweed, - She must complete Nazra of the Quran.

Admission Procedure

Terms and conditions apply. No correspondence will be entered into.

The Madrasah's Selection Committee's decision is final.

The Selection Process: Once all applications have been received and screened, testing will be arranged for those applicants who meet the criteria.

There are several stages to the selection process: Stage 1: Entrance tests - Applicants who meet the initial criteria will be made to take entrance tests Stage 2: Document Verification and reference checks are carried out on all applications. Stage 3: Registration and admission.


Students who are eligible to recieve Zakah

Learners who are unable to afford their study fees are welcome to our Madrasah. We have a Zakaah evaluation form which learners fill in and permit the Madrasah to appoint a Wakeel (representitive) to collect funds on their behalf. 100s of learners have studied at the Madrasah without concern for fees.