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Message from the director

Alhamdulillah in January 2004 the Madrasah opened welcomed our first class of eight students, having no ideaof the great task that lay ahead and the many challenges which would be faced. The incredible accomplishments of the students and of our alumnae is truly a magnificent favour of Allah, who allowed us to accomplish twenty years of running this beautiful project. I extend a heartfelt expression of gratitude to our team who work tirelessly, giving up long hours; sacrificing their time and comfort to give to our students, volunteering their services solely for the pleasure of Allah. I am grateful for all those who have supported our vision of creating a safe space to educate, nurture, empower and, inspire the next generation of Muslim leaders around the world. I could not feel any more honored and pleased by all we have done to accomplish every achievement, yet extremely humbled knowing it is only through Allah's bounty that it was possible. The challenges have been many, the learning opportunites continue, and we are always improving.

The essence of nurturing our learners is that each graduating class continues to strive to improve themselves and those around them because that is the requisite of the great gift of Islamic education - learn, practice, propagate. Each learner continues to aim to bring positive change in their homes, creating a ripple effect in their communities, their hometowns and accross the globe. The first change begins within the learner because education continues to be the key to transforming lives spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. When you educate a woman, she takes what she learns back to her community. When you invest in a young woman you are investing in the future. The female learners at Madrasah Aisha Siddiqah NN are a symbol and a beacon of light of what is possible. To all who continue to support the Madrasah, may Allah reward you withe best of rewrds in this world and the hereafter.

Fariha Bint Faiyaz